Ok, so what is a ‘Virtual Event’?

A virtual race is a race that can take place wherever you want, in your own time and at your own pace. A virtual race can be completed on a treadmill, around a racetrack, a beachfront, even during another competitive race, wherever you can run, you can earn a medal!

What do I have to do to sign up?

Its simple! Click on the selected event. Add to your basket and proceed to the checkout.

We use PayPal and Stripe to process all of our payments. Don’t have a PayPal account? Don’t worry. Just access the site through a laptop or desktop machine and PayPal will give you the option of checking out as a guest using a Credit/Debit card!

What do you mean by submit my evidence?

If you use one of the many running apps available out there at the moment, just take a screenshot and upload it to the site. Otherwise a picture of your treadmill display or running watch data will be fine.

Please note:


Do you accept only running evidence?

We understand that everyone is at their own stage of exercise so we are now happy to accept evidence of ANY trackable exercise. This can include; running, walking, cycling, cross training etc.

Have I got to complete the distance all in one go?

No, if you are building up your distances, you can split your race over a few days or weeks and they can be in any amount of distances as you need! For example, you may complete a 10k race with 2 x 5k, or 5x 2k, its up to you! Whichever way you complete the distance, a medal is a great reward for your achievement!

How do I upload my evidence?

Once you have complete your distance, return to the website and Submit Your Evidence on the Virtual Event page.

You can email your evidence to fluxvirtualevents@gmail.com

We unfortunately cannot accept run evidence that has been sent over our social media platforms.   

How far do I have to run? 

All of our events are different. If an event has a specific distance it will be clearly labelled in the event description in the event listing.

I do not have a GPS watch. How can i upload my evidence? If you don’t have a GPS watch, we recommend using one of the many running apps available for smart phones in order to track your run e.g. Strava, MapMyRun etc. You can then take a screen shot of your run summary and submit that as evidence. Does any money go to charity? Yes, we donate a percentage of each entry to go to selected charities. Details of each are available under the entry page for each event.

Who can enter a virtual event?

Anyone and everyone! We would ask that if your child (under 18) wants to enter that they should complete the distance under supervision and with a competing parent/guardian (and running together is more fun!) but apart from that there are no restrictions. Just get out there and run, walk, hike, whatever works for you!

By entering our virtual event you are agreeing that any injury or damage that is caused by completing your race is your own responsibility. Flux Athletic will not be held responsible for any injury that occurs during your run. Please see our full Terms and Conditions for more info.

When will I get my medal?

We aim to send medals out every Monday and depending where in the world you are it could take from 3-14 days.

How do you know where to send my medal too?

All medals will be sent to the address that you entered in the checkout. Please check your receipt.

I’m not in Ireland, can I still enter?

Of course! There are different postage fees depending on where you are getting the medal posted to.